There is nothing mysterious in the innovation process.
You need is courage, alertness and attention to detail,
and above all, believe it and begin.

Peter Rice


PROSPÈTTICA was founded to offer to the customers an integrated resource in their decision process, allowing them to conduct their core business while we are occupied in the management of their projects.

We offer a skilled engineering support by applying ourselves as unique representative in all the process phases, from the concept to the realisation and ensuring the result in terms of timing and cost.

We are a young and fast-moving company that reflects the spirit of its founders.
Our target is to ensure the quality of the outcome by exceeding the expectation of the clients but starting from the sharing of the ethical and professional standard, with no compromise.

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To recover the value of the concept

We believe that, in a world of constant technological evolution, starting up again from the planning concept is the key to achieve a worth outcome. The project as a complex system comes from the management of a substantial Number of variables, not only technical but also economic, logistic, and human.

We can’t conceive a project without taking into consideration the people who conceive it, that create it and that realize it, and for this reason our aim is to put ourselves as the only interlocutor in this project management, meant as a complex process that goes from the ideation (very often even from a prior step, which is the proposal and feasibility), until the realisation. We are able to manage all the technical details, by our own or through a consolidated associates network, and human ones, targeting to bring back the mankind and the know-how in the center of the project.


Dott. Ing. Francesco Pellegrini

Graduated in Civil engineering from Florence University in 2008 and has been certified in the profession of engineer in February 2009. He collaborated with GPA engineering studio in the realisation of numerous projects, and specialised in planning and project management of civil and industrial complex buildings. For his experience in Project Management industry, he obtained in 2015 the PMP certification released from Project Management Institute.

PROSPÈTTICA uses a multidisciplinary team, coordinating a professional network with various and complementary areas of specialization evaluated and chosen on the specific requirements of the project, to give the customer a proposal “tailor made”, based on their needs in order to provide the best possible solution in the most efficient manner.


PROSPÈTTICA makes use of BIM method in the development of their most complex projects. This methodology allows to optimise the timing and cost of the planning and executive process, through an integration in a unique mock-up of all the useful information for the planning and realisation of a building, by ensuring an accurate control within the components of the project.